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Cuperfield - Features & Benefits polished floors

Cuperfield - Features & Benefits polished floors
Cuperpol ™ - polished concrete floors. With the help of special equipment and impregnation, concrete floor or stone floor become smooth and glossy, as well as the possible application of the figure, which will make your floor beautiful and unique.
The polished concrete floor from Cuperpol ™ - cost-effective solution than this, there are many other positive features:
- Durable;
- Easy to maintain;
- Has an attractive appearance;
- Thanks to the glossy surface increases the reflection of light;
- It is resistant to slip, etc.
Cuperpol ™ technology brings concrete and stone surfaces to a uniform smooth gloss using a special milling and grinding equipment. Strengthening impregnation silane and lithium-based strengthening and dedusted surface. Within the technology Cuperpol ™ we offer a wide range of ready-made solutions for concrete and stone floors almost any purpose from the budget of exclusive solutions to the design work. Cuperpol ™ make it smooth, smooth, glossy, perfect for shops, warehouses, schools, sports facilities, offices, trade and exhibition halls, railway stations, airports, industrial buildings and even residential space.
Cuperpol ™ - is:
- The lowest cost of 1 square meter, compared with the arrangement of other types of floor coverings.
- Protection against oils and lubricants. Concrete industrial floor - hard and abrasive coating. Cuperpol ™ prevents dust formation on the surface and the penetration of moisture, while the air molecules readily pass through it, the concrete remains "breathable". Special impregnation strengthen and protect the finish.
- Floor, odorless, non-inflammable and completely harmless to health and the environment.

- The surface of the hardener used Cuperpol ™, impregnates the surface of the floor by 1-4 mm and the salt in the concrete blocks, preventing thereby the formation of dust on its surface. Dedusting sex occurs once during the entire operation. When dedusting floor completely missing the smell of impregnation.
-Cuperpol ™ increases light reflection on 25-45% in comparison with conventional concrete is not treated. The owner of the premises saves on the cost of the lighting of about 15-20%.
- Abrasion resistance of floors Cuperpol ™, the low cost of their services allow no problem to keep them in good condition for many years, and only occasionally, in the period from 4 - 7 years to tinker a bit in places most intense and aggressive use.
- To maintain the appearance of a common need daily cleaning and perepolirovka only 5 - 7 years, sometimes less.
-has approximately 2-5 times greater abrasion resistance and 40% greater impact resistance.
- It has a deep gloss, but almost does not slide. Such quality is unique and is achieved solely through the application of modern technologies of mechanical polishing and application of impregnation.
Cuperpol ™ floors can be made with a glossy, depending on your wishes: from light, soft gloss (CONCRETE PLUS type) to a high gloss, the so-called "wet" shine (type CRYSTAL FINISH) .Our four most common and popular type of glossy floor Cuperpol ™: CONCRETE PLUS - SATIN - SATIN PLUS - CRYSTAL FINISH
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